Ducted Heatpumps

Ducted Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Systems

Though flexible insulated ducting, air conditioned air is fed to supply grilles in multiple areas from one centralized indoor unit, usually concealed discreetly in the ceiling space.

Ducted systems are a discreet way of heating or cooling multiples areas and zones from one outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit, typically situated in the ceiling space. Ducting is fed from the indoor unit to supply air grilles in each zone, depending on installation these grilles can be ceiling, floor or wall mounted.

Custom Linear Air Vents

Instead of ceiling mounted plastic round supply grilles custom Dulux powered coated Linear air vents can be mounted to interior walls for a more matching aesthetic. 

HVAC for every build, new or existing.

We are vastly experienced in the installation of heat-pumps, air conditioning and ventilation in new domestic or commercial builds. Our team will work with your project managers to ensure the installation of an efficient, aesthetic air conditioning system. 

We supply and Install New Zealand’s leading Heat Pump Air Conditioning brands, servicing all makes and models.