Heatpumps & Air Conditioning

HVAC Design & Installation. Domestic & Commercial.

New builds or existing, Domestic and Commercial we will design, supply and install a heating air conditioning system capable of controlling your climate all year round.

Heat pumps are arguably the most efficient way of heating your home. Heat pump split systems consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, multi-head systems being the exception, typically having up-to four indoor heads from only one outdoor unit. We provide free consultations, our technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Single room heat pumps are ideal when you only require heating or cooling for one an individual area. This could be a bedroom, living area or office that needs the added comfort of air conditioning all year round. Single room heat pumps consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. Single room heat pump options include Hi-walls (most commonly installed), Floor consoles and Ceiling Cassettes.

Multi-Head Heatpumps give the ability to feed multiple indoor units from one outdoor unit, typically up-to four individual heads. With all Refrigeration piping and electrical cabling being fed to only one outdoor unit, multi-head options allow for aesthetic installation where otherwise multiple outdoor units would be installed. Well multi-head systems have their benefits certain restrictions over individual unit control apply.

Though flexible insulated ducting, air conditioned air is fed to supply grilles in multiple areas from one centralized indoor unit, usually concealed discreetly in the ceiling space. Supply grilles are typically ceiling mounted, although floor and wall options are avaliable. Ducted heatpumps are most commonly installed in new domestic and commercial builds, although retro-fit installations on existing builds can sometimes be achieved. 

HVAC for every build, new or existing.

We are vastly experienced in the installation of heat-pumps, air conditioning and ventilation in new domestic or commercial builds. Our team will work with your project managers to ensure the installation of an efficient, aesthetic air conditioning system. 

Does your Heat pump need a service?

We are experts in servicing, diagnosis faults and performing repairs on heat pump and air conditioning systems. For commercial premises, we offer bulk discounts based on how many systems you require to be serviced, and how often annually. Contact the heatpump experts today to arrange a heatpump service.

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