Multi-Head Heatpumps

Multi-Head Heat Pumps

Multi-Head Heat pumps give the ability to feed multiple indoor units from one outdoor unit, typically up-to four individual heads. 

Several brands make a multi-head heatpump option, where you can utilize one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units. Typically heatpumps are standalone units with an outdoor unit per each indoor unit. Multi-head systems allow for multiple piping and electrical connections to one outdoor unit. This allows for a more aesthetic installation where multiple outdoor units would otherwise be visible.

Indoor Head Options

Depending on make and model, some units will allow different individual indoor heads to be installed.
For example three hi-wall heads and one floor console, all connecting to a single outdoor unit.

Multi-Head Restrictions

Although Multi-Heads are able to both heat and cool like any heat pump, all indoor heads must be set to the same function; either heating other cooling. The first unit to be turn on becomes the master unit which dictates what settings the other indoor units must be set too.

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