Single Room Heatpumps

Single Room Heat Pumps

Single room heatpumps are ideal when you only require heating or cooling of an individual area. This could be a bedroom, living area or office that needs the added comfort of air conditioning all year round. 

Hi-Wall Heat Pump

As the name suggests, Hi-Walls are mounted high on an interior wall for maximum performance. Hi-Walls are the most commonly installed single room heat pump, ideal for bedrooms, offices and living areas.

Floor Console Heat Pump

A great alternative to Hi-wall heatpumps where the space is not available, or a more aesthetic discreet appeal is wanted. Mostly commonly seen in hallways and small living spaces to provide added warmth.

Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump

Usually seen in commercial premises mounted to suspended tile ceilings, cassettes have the ability to distribute air quad-directional for greater coverage in high heat load areas.

Single Room Heat Pump & Air Conditioning

A correctly sized heat pump will efficiently control the temperature all year round of the space it's installed in.

Typical Heat Pumps installed in a single room include Hi-Walls and Floor Consoles. Ceiling Cassettes are mostly seen in commercial premises, however are an option for domestic installations. As Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers specializing in the installation of hvac we are well experienced in the installation of air conditioning, ventilation and other hvac systems in both domestic and commercial installation. 

We supply and Install New Zealand’s leading Heat Pump Air Conditioning brands, servicing all makes and models.

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